Make Sure You Like

The good thing about the gift of life that you have been given with the time of your first breath, would be the chance to write your own story. It is your life and you must always remember that this is yours and yours only – you must know to shape it into the molded way that you want things to be. Why would you make the decision of doing things the way that someone else wanted you to, when it is simply obvious that this is your story to tell? Most of us tend to forget with time that we are independent and possess the rights to do things as we please. 

Don’t be normal

If you realize that what you call the average range of normal is not what society imposes, do not back down be creative and if you are not labelled normal, do not falter as being normal is not something you should ever feel the need to achieve. People who have done great things were never normal, they were different and their differences were the reason that they were able to have such an influential impact on the world and make your house more pretty. So it is okay if you liked tomato sauce on your omelets or if you are a fourteen year old that cannot have enough of knowledge about the mystery of dark matter, pursue what makes you happy as this is what makes you, the individual you are. 

A little shine

As said before, you are the one who gets to make the decisions. If you decide that you are going to buy LED lights online And have LED downlights Australia installed in your living room, you should go for it. Take a daring step forward, with each passing day do one more thing that makes you question as to why you were afraid yesterday. It is a short life and you need to make confident decisions to stand out from the rest, to be the person you are.

Your Happiness matters

What all this really comes down to would your happiness, what makes you happy and what can make you happy in the future. Your accomplishments, your decisions and your goals are what allows you to take steps forward and be yourself, therefore you must never be afraid to keep going. Wrote your story, let your voice be heard – allow more like yourself understand that they can be themselves without having to fear the fact of not being in the accepted range of average and normal. In the end, you will be glad that you stepped out of your safety bubble and into the real world.