How To Improve Your Home

For years some people have considered solar panels on the roof of a home to be unsightly, if not ugly. And that is perhaps true for the earlier types of solar panels. But things have change and there are more changes to come.

For a start off what we have today are more slim line panels. This means a lower profile so they are not so obvious and if they are clearly visible, then they’re not as unsightly as the thick slab of aluminium framed panels with a great big tank rolled across the upper edge.

Today’s solar panels are also able to be constructed out of different materials and can be produced in a range of colours. This is allows you to have something on your roof that isn’t an eye sore. For example, there is a growing trend toward having roofs on home constructed with white tiles, to reflect heat and keep the home cooler. A white-framed panel doesn’t stand out as much in that case. Then there are the improvements that have been made in the coating over the solar cells. Once it was a choice of black or black. These days, because of different materials, the black is no longer so back and is less offensive to the eye. Although the main panel needs to be dark as possible to attract heat, there are new technologies being developed all the time, where different materials can be used to achieve the same effect. If you are looking for a battey for your solar panel, just go to this link

Instead of metal there are a range of other materials like silicates and even plastics, which do the same if not a better job. Another benefit of the use of different materials is that they can lower the profile even further. It is being muted that we are not too far away from being able to develop products, which become the roof, so from the street you can’t even determine if it’s conventional roof or a solar roof.

There are even developments in the area of paints and coating which may be used in the same way on exterior walls and fences, particularly were those areas get a lot of sun.

So there will come a day in the future where most of the external part of your home is a mini powerhouse without anyone ever knowing. Further development that are already starting to be used, are differences in architectural design, with a view to designing homes in such a way as there is more of the building exposed to the sun. As you are driving into your garage you’ll look at your home with admiration, park your car and plug it in, because you’ll have a home that produces enough energy to run your car petrol free. Now that’s got to put a smile on your face don’t you think.